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    Below is a list of theater productions that Jimmi Simpson has starred in. They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent ones first. Click on the titles to read more about each project individually.

    2016 Empathitrax Him
    2015 Trevor Trevor
    2008 Don’t Quit Your Night Job
    2007-2008 The Farnsworth Invention Philo T. Farnsworth
    2002 Tartuffe Damis
    2001 The Stranger A brilliant mute
    2001 The Winter’s Tale A lord
    2001 Street Scene Apartment Hunter/Fred Cullen
    2000 ‘Star Chamber’ Tonight at 8:30 Jimmie Horlick
    2000 The Skin of Our Teeth Fred Bailey
    2000 The Hot L Baltimore A Pizza Guy
    1998 The Rainmaker Farmhand
    1998 Quark Victory Artiba
    1998 Camino Real Bum in the window
    1998 The Blue Demon Omar
    Although we do not know the date of the following stage appearances, here is a list of other various roles he has portrayed in stage productions. Jimmi also appeared as a maid, The Maids; the ultimate lover, Molly’sDream; an usher, Skin of Our Teeth; a sickly man, Mud; a young man, Atom & Devorah; Schloyme, God of Vengeance; understudy slow kid and farmhand, The Rainmaker; in The Secret Garden; Assassins; The Sound of Music; Jesus Christ Superstar. [from filmreference]
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