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  • 2018 Unsolved
  • 2018 Under The Silver Lake
  • 2017 Psych The Movie
  • 2017 Black Mirror
  • 2017 Wormwood
  • LatestProjects

    Below is a list of films that Jimmi Simpson has starred in. They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent ones first. Click on the titles to read more about each project individually.

    2018 Under the Silver Lake Unknown
    2017 Psych: The Movie Mary Lightly
    2015 Gravy Stef
    2014 The Last Time You Had Fun Jake
    2013 Knights of Badassdom Ronnie Kwok
    2013 White House Down Tyler
    2013 The Truth About Emanuel Arthur
    2012 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Joshua Speed
    2012 Hello I Must Be Going Phil
    2010 The Big Bang Niels Geck
    2010 Date Night Armstrong
    2010 Good Intentions Kyle
    2009 Taking Chances Charlie Carbonara
    2009 The Invention of Lying Bob
    2009 Virtuality (TV Movie) Virtual Man
    2009 The Mother of Invention Martin Wooderson
    2008 A Quiet Little Marriage Jackson
    2007 Zodiac Mike Mageau
    2007 Itty Bitty Titty Committee Chris
    2006 Seraphim Falls Big Brother
    2006 Stay Alive Phineus
    2005 Herbie Fully Loaded Crash
    2004 D.E.B.S. Scud
    2003 Final Draft Chad
    2000 Loser Noah
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